Market Research

With the ever changing needs of the community it is critical to measure and monitor market conditions. Many organisations provide goods and services to the wider community, but rarely have the ability to measure opinions, attitudes and behaviours relating to their service. The HELLO Omnibus Research Program using telephone research is an ongoing weekly research program that systematically researches selected topics throughout Australia.

Scope and Key Topics

The HELLO Omnibus Research Program conducts over 50 surveys each and every week through tele-research. The omnibus research questions are added and deleted as required but are typically designed around specific topics and general market behavior. Royal Life Saving WA is particularly interested in water safety and include a variety of questions related to water safety messages, campaign awareness and community behaviors around water. Other organisations may construct questions around their specific area of interest.

Brand Measurement

The Omnibus Research Program can also be used to measure brand effectiveness. This could include recognition of your organisation name, logo, tag line or general opinion and attitude of your brand and activities.


The Omnibus Research Program manages a range of demographic quotas, specifically age, gender and geography, which allows greater analysis of the research findings by these segments.

Research Targeting

HELLO can adapt its Omnibus Research Program to add or delete topics and target specific demographics as required.

Getting Involved

For a small weekly fee, organisations can include questions into the Omnibus Research Program. Responses to these questions are reported back to the organisation with the appropriate demographic segmentation. The responses to an organisations specific questions remain the property of that organisation.