Raffles and Lotteries

Raffles and Lotteries can be an extremely effective fundraising strategy for many charities. While raffles can be resource intensive, Hello provides a full outsourcing service for conducting a raffle or a series of raffles. This allows charities that previously could not have considered raffles to use this as a fundraising strategy.

Raffle Website

Hello can build an affordable online raffle platform that allows;

  • Streamline processing
  • Easy functionality
  • Safe credit card handling 
  • Data reporting
  • Customised wire-frames
  • Branding with brand logo and colours
  • Raffle, donation and 'lucky number' features

Raffle Strategy

Hello will work with a charity to develop a strategy that best meets the unique characteristics of the charity and their objectives of the program, including:

  • Supporter acquisition
  • Brand development
  • Public awareness
  • Fundraising targets
  • Database Management

Hello has the capability to merge, consolidate, and cleanse databases in preparation for a raffle program including market segmentation.

Lucky Number Sales

Hello can tele-market the sale of lucky numbers in a raffle to both previous supporters and acquire new supporters. Hello develops scripts in conjunction with the charity to ensure that the key charity messages are delivered.

Hello can also arrange the printing and distribution of ticket books with businesses and supporters.

Administration Services

Hello can provide full raffle administration services including:

  • Pledge letter direct mailing
  • Banking of raffle sales and donations
  • Reporting of banking and campaign performance
  • Database and banking reconciliation
  • Reporting

Hello can provide full financial information for compliance reporting.

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