Rules for Pools and Spas

To ensure that your Home Pool Barrier will be deemed compliant on the first inspection, please follow the guidance contained in the Rules for Pools and Spas publication. This comprehensive guide is free to download and provides you with all the guidance and advice needed to get your barrier ready for assessment.

Service type

The Home Pool Barrier Assessment service may be required for;

  • New home settlement, where the new home includes a Pool or Spa
  • New Pools or Spas, where a Home Pool Barrier Assessment needs to be provided to a Local Government Authority
  • Property managers or landlords pre or post tenancy inspection
  • After modification to, or addition of new pool fencing as part of upgrades or repairs
  • Dispute resolution service

The Home Pool Barrier Assessment will be conducted by an authorised Royal Life Saving Society Home Pool Barrier Assessor and will be conducted using the RLSSWA Pool Assessment App.
The assessor will gather photographic evidence on site and will generate an electronic report that will be emailed to your nominated address upon completion.

Service Cost

The standard fee for an in assessment within the Perth metropolitan area is $165 inclusive of GST. The cost of an assessment outside the metro area may vary. Please contact us for a quote.

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Please note: this assessment does not form part of the Quadrennial Home Pool Barrier Assessment Mandated by your local Government Authority. If you have a letter requesting to make a booking, please contact 1300 302 984.