Swimming Pools at Hotels, Motels, Camping and Caravan Grounds

swimming pool at an accommodation facility

Swimming pools and spas are a common and popular feature at accommodation facilities throughout WA with many visitors, both local and international, making use of these facilities each day.

They also present a number of unique risks to facility guests and staff. The responsibility for pool safety rests with the pool owners and operators, along with each and every facility user. Only when everyone is aware of and following the agreed rules and conditions of use can these facilities operate in a safe manner.

How can we help?

Royal Life Saving understands the unique nature of accommodation-style pools and the need to focus on helping guests use these facilities safely.

We've conducted hundreds of safety assessments at pools in various hotels, motels and resorts across the state. These assessments have given us vital insights into the most common areas likely to require attention to ensure facilities are safe, including:

  • Security of aquatic areas
  • Depth marking requirements
  • First aid requirements: first aid & rescue equipment
  • Safety signage
  • Pool test requirements and procedures
  • Chemical storage and handling requirements

Safety Assessments

Royal Life Saving WA's Aquatic Safety Assessments have been designed to assist pool owners and operators with obtaining a better understanding of their current level of operation, enabling them to develop and offer improved standards and levels of safety.

These assessments have been designed to ensure that they are able to assess an individual facility against the industry best practice recommendations (as detailed in the Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations (GSPO) and the Department of Health Code of Practice).

Typically the service includes:

  • Onsite assessment and observational study
  • Benchmarking against relevant regulations and safety standards
  • Safety Improvement Plan
  • Observation & Recommendations 

Guest Safety

Top 3 safety issues for pools at accommodation facilities

  • Children - Hotels and accommodation facilities commonly have guests who are children. These children, and their parents or carers, are in an unfamiliar environment and may not be aware of the potential risks a swimming pool poses to a small child.
  • Multicultural guests - Guests can come from a variety of backgrounds and may be unfamiliar with the safe use of swimming pools, which can have potentially deadly consequences when enjoying swimming facilities in Australia.
  • Alcohol - Guests at accommodation facilities often enjoy alcoholic beverages during their stay. Drinking alcohol while in, on, or around water will significantly increase a person's risk of drowning. Managing alcohol consumption around water is an important issue.
Royal Life Saving WA can help you put strategies in place to ensure the safety of your guests, including:
  • Guest education - Employ our expertise and experience in creating effective education and awareness programs to help guests use your pool facilities safely. We can assist with water safety signage including signage information in a variety of languages, and information targeted specifically to at-risk groups.
  • Safety audits - Our safety audits will identify risks and develop practical solutions to ensure your pool facility is as safe as possible.
  • Staff training - Build the capacity of your team with our customised training solutions so that your team can be champions of safety and, if needed, respond effectively in an emergency.

Managing Your Pool


Interested in a safety consultation?

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