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Inland waterways and residential developments that include water features as part of their landscaping introduce a level of risk to the public. These water bodies range from small ornamental ponds and storm water drainage, to larger lakes and rivers. 

The Royal Life Saving Society WA's Inland Waterways Risk & Signage Assessment service has been designed to assist land managers, owners, developers, landscape architects, urban planners and local governments to identify, understand and manage the risks that inland waterways and water features can pose for the public. 

These assessments have been designed to ensure that they are based on the recognised industry guidelines. 

Typically the service includes;

  • Briefing (risk tolerance levels, time frames, project contacts)
  • Onsite Assessment
  • Consideration of usage patterns, demographics and range of likely behaviours.
  • Identification of safety risk scenarios (based on the physical consideration of treatment options)
  • Preparation of a draft report
  • Meeting to review the report, clarify and amend as necessary.

Service cost

Inland Waterways Risk & Signage Assessment Cost: approximately $1080

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Please contact the Safety Services team for a quote as the actual cost is heavily dependent on the scope of work.

Examples of safety assessments conducted include:
  • Champion Lakes
  • Perth Stadium
  • Eden Foreshore