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Safety assessments and emergency plans

Royal Life Saving WA has a team of experienced aquatic facility managers available to provide an independent and comprehensive assessment of your aquatic facility and/or help you to create your operational and emergency plans.

Safety Assessments

A thorough safety assessment will improve your facility's safety systems and keep you abreast of industry best practice. 

Typically the service includes:

  • On-site assessment and observational study
  • Benchmarking against relevant regulations and safety standards
  • Safety Improvement Plan
  • Observation & Recommendations

Operational / emergency plans

Our team of experienced aquatic facility managers can develop a customised operations manual and/or emergency plan for your aquatic facility. The plan will meet the requirements of the Department of Health — Code of Practice.

Typically the service includes:
  • Gathering relevant documents, permits, manifests, suppliers
  • Documenting work processes, outlining how systems operate (including pictures and how-to videos)
  • Assisting with the formulation of rules and centre policies
This service is particularly useful for busy managers who have limited time available for administrative tasks. It is also a very valuable ‘knowledge retention strategy’ for facilities that have changes in managers due to shift changes and/or staff turnover.

Emergency stress tests

Royal Life Saving WA can coordinate ‘emergency system tests’ in the form of mock scenarios for aquatic facilities, as a way to test the facility's documented systems and procedures.

For most centres, the scenario will include a full evacuation, a task that is expected of public buildings in WA (Health (Public Buildings) Regulations 1992).

Conducting a full evacuation is often postponed by facility managers because of day-to-day workloads and operational pressures. Royal Life Saving has a complete team of planners, actors and assessors to simplify the process and provide a comprehensive end-to-end service for aquatic facilities.

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Bigger Better Safer Report 

Each year the Royal Life Saving Society WA, in conjunction with LIWA Aquatics, produces a report on the state of the Aquatics Industry in Western Australia.