Document Review

Operating an aquatic facility is a large task as a single operator or a larger group 1 facility, with administration tasks often taking a back seat while daily operation and reactive tasks take over.

Are the current manuals for operating your facility up to date? Or do they need a review?

Keeping ahead of industry trends, changes in governing documents and keeping items in an easy read flow for ease of comprehension will assist you in ensuring your facility meets all relevant government standards for operation.

Royal Life Saving Society WA's risk management professionals can review your existing documents, and deliver a detailed report on whether you governing manual lacks flow, reader comprehension and currency.

We have the technical knowledge and resources to review and report on your existing documentation, and professionally guide you to locate the relevant information to produce up to date operational standard documents.

If you'd like us to assist you in keeping your facilities operational documents current and valid with Acts, Regulations, Standards, Guidelines please complete the form below and our staff will contact you.


Image pf public aquatic centre pool

Bigger Better Safer Report 

Each year the Royal Life Saving Society WA, in conjunction with LIWA Aquatics, produces a report on the state of the Aquatics Industry in Western Australia.

image of evacuation diagram mounted on wall

Evacuation Diagram

Emergency Evacuation Diagrams must be displayed at all public aquatic facilities.

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