Evacuation Diagrams

All public facilities must display Emergency Evacuation Diagrams. Royal Life Saving can check your existing Evacuation Diagrams or produce correctly formatted Emergency Evacuation Diagrams in a style that suits your facility.

Please Contact Us to arrange a quote or more information about obtaining Emergency Evacuation Diagrams for your aquatic facility.

image of evacuation diagram mounted on wall Emergency Evacuation Diagrams must meet the requirements of Australian Standard 3745:2010 AMDT 2014, be developed to scale and show important information such as safe passage, nearest exit and emergency resources available.  The diagrams must use the correct icons as descriptors for specialised equipment and resources.

Emergency Evacuation Diagrams are required to be updated every 5 years and be referenced against the Australia Standard. Have you had your aquatic facility Emergency Evacuation Diagrams checked recently?

  • Has your facility changed in the last five years?
  • Is all fire equipment present and correctly placed on your current diagram?  
  • Are your diagrams to scale?

Royal Life Saving Society WA can help you ensure that your Evacuation Diagrams meet the required standard.

To request a quote for Emergency Evacuation Diagrams at your aquatic facility, please click the link below.

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