Aquatic safety download

The increased demands on aquatic facility managers to keep abreast of regulations and best practice guidelines can be challenging and time consuming.

To assist with this, Royal Life Saving WA has collated an extensive library of relevant regulations, guidelines and water safety information. The guidelines referenced in the Code of Practice that are regularly referred to and used by facility managers can be downloaded here.

Public pool information (Group 1 Facilities):

Health Department - Code of Practice (external link)

Guidelines for Safe Pool Operation (external link)


Guidelines referenced in the Code of Practice:

Please download or view any of these guidelines: 

Accreditation For First Aiders

Design of Pool Tank

Advisory Signs

Moveable Booms (Bulk Heads)

Design of Starting Blocks (Starting Platforms)

Operations Manuals

Emergency Action Plan

Pool Covers

Rescue Equipment

Aquatic Rescue Accreditation

Bather Supervision

Accreditation For Pool Lifeguards

Parental Supervision

Supervision of Diving Towers and Springboards

Safe Water Entry For Competitions — Competitive Dive Starts

Accreditation For Pool Plant Operators

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