Bronze Cross


Bronze Cross - To further develop the level of judgement, technique and physical ability required to carry out water rescues.

Resuscitation: Demonstrate effective CPR

Timed tow: Swim 50 m, and then tow an unconscious, breathing person 50 m while wearing clothing within 3 minutes.

Swim: Swim 600 m continuously within 17 minutes. 300 m using any recognised stroke, 100 m breaststroke, 100 m survival backstroke, 100 m sidestroke.

Defensive techniques: Perform while wearing clothing, a defensive position, a reverse, a leg block and a block with an aid.

Spinal injury: Immobilise a breathing person with a suspected spinal injury in shallow water.

Underwater search: Demonstrate a search pattern using both head-first and feet-first surface dives in water 2 m deep.

Rescue and resuscitation: Perform a tow rescue to a non-breathing person in deep water 15 m from safety and simulate rescue breathing for 30 seconds.

Initiative: Demonstrate initiative in effecting a rescue of two people who are in difficulty up to 20 m.

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