Stage 14 Accompanied Rescue

78. Defensive blocking and reverse

Must See Criteria:

Maintain safe distance. Tuck legs rapidly under body. Push legs forwards. Kick away vigorously. Readopt defensive position.

79. Individual search in deep water

Must See Criteria:

Call for help. Searching back and forth in parallel lines moving closer to edge.

80. Swimming skills

See below for swimming stroke requirements for Stage 14 - Accompanied Rescue.

Freestyle - Swim 200m

Must See Criteria:

Body Position: Streamlined body position, face immersed to hairline. Smooth head rotation with body roll on horizontal axis. Coordinated breathing with arm stroke, one arm enters before other finishes the push.
Leg Action: Alternate kicking from hips. Legs straighten on the down beat and bend on the up beat. Ankles loose, feet in plantar position.
Arm Action: Hand enters thumb, index finger first, directly in front of shoulder. Strong pull/push phase follows a 'S' pattern. Recovery with high elbow and low wrist.

Breaststroke - Swim 100m

Must See Criteria:

Body Position: Horizontal body position on water surface. Pull-Breath-Kick-Glide sequence. Head riding up and down with shoulders. Hips rise prior to kick. Body streamlined with arms and legs fully extended during glide.
Leg Action: Knees bend to shoulder width apart, feet hook as drawn towards buttocks. Symmetrical and simultaneous feet drive out and around in a whip action. As legs reach full extension, they come together. Toes pointed in glide.
Arm Action: Arms extended in front of body, hands together. Symmetrical and simultaneous pull is outwards, downwards and back to the shoulder. Hands and arms extend forward with elbows squeezed toward body mid-line during recovery. 

Backstroke - Swim 100m

Must See Criteria:

Body Position: Horizontal body position, body streamlined with arms fully extended. Head stationary, water line at ear level. Rotation on horizontal axis toward working arm.
Leg Action: Alternate kicking from hips. Kick remains within circle of rotation. Legs slightly bend on the down beat and straighten on the up beat. Feet in plantar position. Ankles loose.
Arm Action: Arm action is alternate and continuous. Straight arm reaches back entering the water directly above the shoulder. Hand enters little finger first. Elbow bend during push phase, push continuing past hip-line. 

Survival Backstroke - Swim 50m

Must See Criteria:

Body Position: Horizontal on water surface, water line at ear level. Simultaneous propulsive phase of arms and legs. Glide. Arms commence recovery before legs. Arms do not reach past head.
Leg Action: Kick originates from hips, knees bend apart, vertical drop of lower legs, feet hooked. Symmetrical and simultaneous kick in circular action. Legs fully extended and toes pointed.
Arm Action: Arm close to body on recovery, palms toward feet as extended past shoulders. Symmetrical and simultaneous push in a curved pathway until fully extended.

Sidestroke - Swim 50m

Must See Criteria:

Body Position: Horizontal and completely on side. Streamlined and full extension. Upper arm and legs propel at the same time, lower arm propels as upper arms and legs recover.
Leg Action: Upper leg moves forward, foot hooked. Lower leg moves backward, toes pointed.Triangle formed with legs. Both legs driven in circular action parallel to water surface. Legs extended together in glide position.
Arm Action: Lower arm is fully extended beyond the head and upper arm fully extended along upper side of body. Lower arm push in curved pattern with bent elbow and flexed wrist. Upper arm recovers along body reaching shoulder.

Butterfly - Swim 25m

Must See Criteria:

Body Position: Horizontal on water surface, face immersed to hairline. Body streamlined with arms fully extended and feet in plantar flex position. Head lifted as pull phase reaches middle torso. First kick occurs as the hands catch the water. Second kick occurs as the hands push to hips. Breathing every second stroke.
Leg Action: Kick originating from an upwards push of hips. Legs kick simultaneously. Knees bend on down-beat and up-beat. Toes turned in and pointed. Two down-beats for each arm stroke.
Arm Action: Full extension. Both hands enter water thumbs first, shoulder width apart and arms slightly flexed. Pull is outwards then inwards, almost meeting under upper torso, in keyhole shaped pattern. Arms push past and wide of hips. High Arm recovery. 

Swim 300m - Using four strokes

Must See Criteria:

Effective propulsion. Improving endurance. 

81. Survival Skills

Must See Criteria:

Survival swim 100m wearing long length clothes and shoes (50m freestyle, 50m survival). Float for 4 minutes with aid. Safely use lifejacket (fit in water, float for 2 minutes, swim 50m). Ensure correct and efficient survival stroke technique. As well as safe and efficient removal of clothing while in water. Correctly fit lightjacket while treading water. Correct HELP technique - knees drawn toward chin, arms wrapped around legs and pressed to sides, head out of water. 

82. Non-contact tow rescue person 15m from safety. Initiative in assessment rescue and after care. 

Must See Criteria:

Constant observation and reassurance of person.Swim with aid until close enough to pass to person. Adopt defence position and pass aid. Non-contact tow of person and secure to edge. Assist person to safely exist using a stirrup lift. Place person in recovery position.

83. Water Safety Knowledge

Hazards & Personal Safety: Harbour or ocean.
Risks & Peer Influences: Alcohol and risk taking behaviour.
Responding to Emergencies: The Four A’s, non-swimmer, defensive techniques, up to accompanied rescues, DRSABCD, shock.

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