Swimming Instructor Rescue Award

Trainer Venue Checklist - This venue checklist must be completed, signed and sent back along with the award sheet.

Covid safety management in training equipment


Swimming Instructor Rescue Award (SIRA) Award Sheet

Swimming Instructor Rescue Award (SIRA) Excel Award Sheet

Swimming Instructor Rescue Award (SIRA) Learner Guide

Swimming Instructor Rescue Award (SIRA) Delivery Outline

Swimming Instructor Rescue Award Theory Exam

Participant Information Form

Candidate Reassessment Form 

Temporary Certificate

Payment method

RLSSWA has implemented a new online system to make secure credit card payments.

The Pay-online page https://payonline.royallifesavingwa.com.au/ is now available for Community Trainers and allows the user to enter invoice number, billing details, payment details and securely submit the payment.

We recommend all our trainers to start using this payment method. 
As of the 1st of November 2019, we won’t be able to accept any form or email containing credit card data.


The award fee is $19.80 per participant.



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