Swimming Instructor Rescue Award

Swimming Instructor Rescue Award (SIRA) Award Sheet

Swimming Instructor Rescue Award (SIRA) Excel Award Sheet

Swimming Instructor Rescue Award (SIRA) Learner Guide

Swimming Instructor Rescue Award (SIRA) Delivery Outline

Participant Information Form

Candidate Reassessment Form 

This is used if a participant is not yet competent in an assessment. Two copies are to be filled out, one for RLSSWA head office (to be handed in with the award sheet) and one for the participant to take to the trainer that will be reassessing them.

Payment form

Please ensure this is included with the documents that are returned to RLSSWA. The award fee is $19.80 per participant.

Temporary Certificate

This is a temporary certification proving that the participant has attended the course. The trainer may issue this document to the participant on the completion of the course.




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