Aquatic Resuscitation or Heart Beat Club Trainer Requalification

This form will allow you to submit your Trainer requalification for 2019/2020 as an Aquatic Trainer, Resuscitation Trainer or Heart Beat Club Trainer. 

Prior to completing the form please download and review The Third Party Agreement. This agreement outlines your responsibilities as a trainer and will need to be followed throughout the 2019/2020 financial year. 

Please read the Requalification Requirements before submitting this form.

Third Party Agreement 2019/2020

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Personal details
What trainer are you requalifying as?

You can tick more than one box

Course Delivery

Please provide information about the delivery of your training courses. Please note this is for statistics purposes only

Professional Development

Aquatic, Resuscitation and Heart Beat Club Trainers are required to collect a minimum of 9 points choosing topics from our list of Professional Development online sessions or providing a Certificate if the session has been completed through an external Organization. Please note requirements for the next financial year have been reviewed as per Third Party Agreement.

Please provide the date/month that the second session was completed
Please provide the organisations name
Briefly describe the content of the professional development session
Upload RLSSWA Certificate
Third Party Agreement

The Third Party Agreement highlights responsibilities between the Parties. Please read the document and save it for your records

Working with Children Check
Please upload your current working with children check.
Payment Details

The fee to requalify your Trainer status is $25.00. Please provide your payment details below and PO number if available. You will receive an invoice that can be paid by credit card, cheque or EFT. Once payment has been made your award will be emailed

How to obtain your trainer qualification:

1. Make sure you have completed requested professional development sessions At least one professional development session needs to be completed through RLSSWA. If you have done your second professional development session with another provider please provide the details on this form. Note: Requalifying your Bronze Medallion or Aquatic Rescue Award is not counted as professional development.

2. Download and read the Third Party Agreement. Please save a copy for your records.

3. Complete the form with your most up to date details.

4. Tick what trainer are you requalifying as.

5. Tick that you have read the Third Party Agreement. If you have any questions regarding the Third Party Agreement please contact the office prior to completing this form.

6. Upload your current Working With Children Check

7.Provide payment details

8. Submit

9. We will check our records to confirm you have met all requirements (hold valid qualifications, hold a valid WWCC and completed professional development). You will be contacted if requirements have not been met.

10. You will you will receive your trainer award within 10 working days from submission.