Heart Beat Club Attendance Sheet - Trainer Use

Ensure each participant has filled out their first name, surname, date of birth, postal address, contact number and email. Trainers are to ensure that they fill out the required course information in the top right of the page.

Heart Beat Club Certificate - Trainer Use

This is a participation certificate that can be given to participants on the day of attending the Heart Beat Club session by the trainer.

Heart Beat Club Information Booklet - Trainer Use

The instructor handbook contains all the information that should be covered throughout the Heart Beat Club session by the trainer. 

Heart Beat Club PPT - Trainer Use

This power point presentation is a visual aid for use during the course.

Heart Beat Club Fact Sheet - Participant Use

This fact sheet can be provided to each participant for extra beneficial information. 

Heart Beat Club Learner Guide - Participant Use

This outlines the theory of the session for participants.