HLTAID001 Competency Sign-Off Sheet - Trainer use

The award sheet has changed and is now called Competency Sign-Off sheet. The trainer must circulate the Competency Sign-Off Sheet to the class and ensure each participant has filled out their personal details and signed the Learner Declaration ( page 1) For each assessment the trainer should mark the Assessments as S (satisfactory) or NYS (not yet satisfactory) then in the last column a final C (competent) or NYC (not yet competent) is to be given. Participants must acknowledge the final result and sign the final Declaration ( page 2) and the trainer must complete the final section called Trainer use only and sign the form. ( Page3)

Please return all requested paperwork to ctsupport@royallifesavingwa.com.au within 48 hours after completion of the course 

Attendance sheet and payment form - Excel - Trainer use

Attendance sheet and payment form - Pdf- Trainer use

The trainer must provide the list of participants details such as name, surname, date of birth, mark the final assessment result (C or NYC) and submit the form along with all the Competency Sign-off sheets.

We have developed a pdf format and an excel format of this document. Using the excel one will enable to finalise the paperwork in a quick and efficient way and will reduce the processing wait period, we strongly recommend the trainers to use the excel attendance.

HLTAID001 Practical assessment Tool - Participants and Trainer use 

Trainers are required to read the brief to learner to their group. Record all learner names in the Learner List. This assigns a number to each learner. That number identifies the learners in the checklists. Ensure you have confirmed each learner has completed their knowledge assessment. Record it on their Sign Off Sheet. If you have more than 20 learners, you will need a second booklet. In each checklist the main tasks and their observable behaviours have been combined. The trainer must collect and keep a copy of this document for a minimum of 6 months. 


HLTAID001 Theory Assessor guide - Trainer use

HLTAID001 Practical Assessor guide - Trainer use

HLTAID001 Learner guide - Participants use

HLTAID001 Participant written assessment - Participants use

As a trainer you must keep the completed written assessments for a minimum of 6 months. 

HLTAID001 PowerPoint Presentation - Trainer use

HLTAID001 Delivery schedule - Trainer use

HLTAID001 Mapping - Trainer use

The mapping document outlines how the performance criteria, performance evidence and knowledge evidence of the unit of competence is achieved. Each aspect of the unit is mapped to the required assessments. 

HLTAID001 Training and assessment strategy - Trainer use

The training and assessment strategy is the framework for the delivery and assessment of a unit of competence. It features all relevant information about a unit including the learners, mode of delivery, resources required, assessment rules, reasonable adjustment and the delivery outline. 

Participant Reassessment Form - Trainer use

Language, literacy and numeracy support form - Trainer use

As a trainer if you provide any form of language, literacy and numeracy support this must be documented and handed to RLSSWA on completion of the course. An example of this would be if the participant requires you to verbally ask the questions of the written assessment.

First Aid Report

Learner Questionnaire

Trainer Feedback Form 

Record of Attendance - This is a temporary certification proving that the participant has attended and passed the course. The trainer may issue this document to the participant on the completion of the course.

Payment method

RLSSWA has implemented a new online system to make secure credit card payments.

The Pay-online page https://payonline.royallifesavingwa.com.au/ is now available for Community Trainers and allows the user to enter invoice number, billing details, payment details and securely submit the payment.

We recommend all our trainers to start using this payment method. 
As of the 1st of November 2019, we won’t be able to accept any form or email containing credit card data.


The award fee is $19.80 per participant.