Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find resources and award sheets for my courses?

All First Aid resources can be found online here, and Aquatic Trainer resources can be found here.

What is an Electronic Award Sheet?

An electronic award sheet is an excel spreadsheet that is designed for you to type in the participant's information to avoid any miss-spelt names and difficulties reading their details and is far more efficient. When delivering a Unit of Competency additional paperwork must be completed and submitted along with the excel award Sheet. 

Where do I send my award sheets?

Scan and email all documents to

If you cannot scan and email, post the award sheet to:

Royal Life Saving WA
PO Box 28
Floreat Forum WA 6014

(ensure you keep copies before posting)

How much is the award fee?

$19.80 per participant for all the awards and $24.20 per participant for the Online Provide First Aid.

How long does it take for my participants to receive their award/statement of attainment?

Royal Life Saving WA will take a maximum of 10 working days to email your participants their award/statement of attainment. During peak periods this will increase to 20 working days.

How long do I have to keep the theory exams for?

All assessments are to be kept for a minimum of 6 months

Do I provide my own equipment?

In order to meet the requirements of the awards/units of competence you will be required to have a variety of equipment. For all equipment purchases please see our shop page

Deeming a participant Not Yet Competent (NYC)?

Participants should be provided with feedback on their performance throughout the duration of the course. If you deem a participant NYC, this result should be discussed (give reasons) in a private meeting at the end of the course. You must then document the NYC and reasons on the award sheet and provide the participant with a Participant Reassessment form to take with them to their next course. The Trainer must send a copy to Royal Life Saving WA within 7 days. The participant has 3 months to complete a reassessment.

What is a reasonable adjustment?

The trainer is responsible for making rational adjustment before deeming the participant competent/NYC as long as those don't affect the overall outcome of the assessment.


  • Assessing the participant verbally if they have dyslexia is considered a reasonable adjustment
  • Being a couple of seconds over time when doing the Swim time is acceptable
  • Doing CPR on the table is not acceptable

What is the difference between a Unit of Competency and a Royal Life Saving Award?

A Unit of Competency is nationally recognised and must meet the requirements of the training package, outlined on

A Royal Life Saving Award follows the requirements outlined in the Swimming and Life Saving Manual.

What is the difference between the CPR and Resuscitation Awards?

The RLSSWA Resuscitation Award doesn't include the Unit of Competency HLTAID001 which is embedded in the CPR. The content of the courses are similar but Aquatic Trainers and Resuscitation Trainers can only deliver the Resuscitation award. First Aid Trainers can deliver the HLTAID001 Unit as they hold a Cert IV in Training and Assessment, which is a requirement to deliver any units of competency.

When and how do I requalify my Trainer qualification?

Requalification forms can now be completed online. The Trainer qualification expires on June 30 each year. Your signed Third Party Agreement will be due at the same time.

All your awards must be up to date before completing the Trainer requalification form. You will not be able to deliver any course unless your trainer status is current.

What is a Third Party Agreement?

A Third Party Agreement is an agreement between Royal Life Saving WA and the Trainers. It is designed to provide an effective partnership between The Royal Life Saving Society Western Australia Inc and the individual named in the contract.

As an RTO, we have to register all trainers that deliver and assess a Unit of Competency as a Third Party through the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). ASQA is the national regulator for Australia's vocational education and training sector. The Third Party Agreement requires an ABN to be registered for each trainer.

For those that do not deliver and assess a unit, you will still need to read and save a copy of the Third Party Agreement but we do not require an ABN.

How do I access and complete professional development?

A list of online Professional Development sessions is available for all our trainers. You are required to Register for the session first and then access the course by Login into My Royal account.   Click here to access the Professional Development sessions

Can requalifying my awards be counted as professional development?

No. Requalifying your awards and professional development are two different requirements.

For example, an Aquatic Trainer needs to keep up the aquatic award that they train (in most cases a Bronze Medallion) and also complete two professional developments throughout the year.

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