Royal Life Saving Society WA has developed E-learning theory contents for CPR, Provide First Aid and Provide an Emergency First Aid response in an Education and Childcare setting online courses. To request access to the online training please fill out the form below.

Once the course has been set up, you will be notified via email. Participants will have access to the online learning portal to complete the theory assessments. This will allow participants to acquire the required knowledge before face to face practical assessment. On successful completion of the online training modules and theory test, participants will be provided with a Certificate of Completion (COC), which is available for download. Your role as the Trainer/Assessor is to ensure that your participants have completed this component and the evidence has been viewed.

To request access to the E-learning portal please fill out the form below and make sure all details are correct. We will set up the online course and send you the link to circulate to your participants.

Instructions for the trainer:

1. Request your course by submitting the form below

2. Wait for the email containing link and instructions to access the E-learning portal

3. Circulate link and instructions amongst the participants


Royal Life Saving Society WA will charge $24.20 award fee for each participant who is marked competent on all the assessment of the course.

 Instructions for the trainer:

1. Complete and submit the Online Form request

2. Wait for RLSSWA email containing the link to the new E-learning portal

3. Circulate the link to your students