Daniel has lived in Port Hedland almost all his life and now, having graduated Hedland Senior High in 2016, is lifeguarding at the local pool. Daniel is seeking youth work while balancing his part time job and enjoys playing rugby and baseball and spending time with his little brothers.

Don't Drink Grog and Drown ambassador Daniel PittHe hopes to work in mental health in the future, especially with indigenous youth as he believes he can make a real and lasting difference with the future generations.

Daniel believes mental health and alcohol abuse are the biggest issues faced by young people in the Pilbara. Growing up there he has seen first hand the effects alcohol plays on young developing minds and how it can ruin goals, family relations, self-worth and mental health.

He wishes to make a change with youth lifestyle in remote areas, so the young people can have a chance to be the best they can be.

As a Don’t Drink Grog and Drown ambassador, the position offers Daniel the opportunity to gain invaluable experience in his endeavours to one day become a mental health professional. He also believes the campaign raises awareness about a major issue that requires more widespread attention and being part of the campaign is a blessing.

Daniel believes there are a lot of important issues in the Pilbara that need to be addressed and he looks forward to enabling the young people of the area to change their perspectives surrounding alcohol usage in and around water.

Daniel hopes to gain further experience and his allow his knowledge to deepen on the issues faced as a Don’t Drink Grog and Drown ambassador as well as finding new ways to connect with the youth, as they are our future.

We wish Daniel the very best in all his endeavours as he does us proud in the Pilbara as a Don’t Drink Grog and Drown ambassador.