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Spreading water safety messaging in a school environment is vital if we want to make an impact on our youth. Royal Life Saving Society WA participates in several school events throughout the year, as well as providing FREE water safety presentations for years 10-11s and Year 12 Leavers specific talks.

Be A Mermate (Water Safety) Presentations:

Our Be A Mermate presentation delivers water safety information to students. The talk provides young people with the tools to keep themselves and their mates safe when around water.

Our talk promotes five key messages to ensure the safety of all young people.

They include:

  1. Spot Before you Swim                                                                                                                      
  2. Don't Know? Don't Dive
  3. Don't Swig and Swim                                                                                                   
  4. Float with Friends
  5. OMG's= 000 and CPR

Year 12 Leavers Specific Presentations:

Our Year 12 Leavers specific talks include information on the below areas:

  1. Safe drinking practices- Ways to reduce the risk of alcohol-related harm
  2. What to do in an emergency situation
  3. Key support services- Who can help you during Leavers week
  4. What to expect at Leavers
  5. Leavers and the Law
  6. Alcohol and water safety information- A condensed version of our Be A Mermate presentation

The Leavers specific talks provide valuable information to students that can be used at Leavers but can also be applied to situations they may experience once leaving school.

Events/ Expo's:

Representatives from Royal Life Saving Society WA are available to attend High School Expo’s promoting the Youth Water Safety Messaging.

When attending expo’s, we provide:

  • Interactive games educating young people about ways to stay safe around water
  • Educational resources and giveaways
  • Staff to answer any questions young people may have about water safety

Be A Mermate Workbook:

If your school does not have the capacity for a presentation, we have developed a workbook that can be distributed to students electronically to ensure students are receiving water safety information. The workbook provides similar information to our Be A Mermate talks.

If you would like to receive a copy of our workbook, for representatives to attend your next event or to book a presentation, please fill in the form below: 
Three school students practicing CPR on a resuscitation manikin

Learn CPR and first aid in your classroom

We have a variety of training programs for the classroom and the swimming pool. First aid and CPR are skills that all students can learn.

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