Learn More About The 6 Stages in Infant Aquatics:

First 12 months is focused on safe entry and exits and conditioning the baby for submersion.

12-18 months is focused on extending baby's breath control and submersion's

18 months - 2 years is focused on entering the water and be turned towards the edge. Start kicking with assistance.

2 years - 2.5 years is focused on gaining independence with entries,submersion's and using arms and legs through the water.

2.5 years - 3 years is focused on mastering breath control and commence to blow bubbles. Displaying independent propulsion of kick and paddle.

3 years plus is focused on safely jumping in the water and returning to the wall independently.Blowing bubbles with the face fully submerged

Your child can now progress to Swim and Survive levels

How to perform Infant CPR

Learn more about Infant CPR at the link below.

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