Infant Aquatics Stage 1


Skill / Experience

Instructing Points

Enter water safely with carer. Carer to become relaxed interacting with the child.  Carer slowly enters the water using a feet first entry securely holding the child. Carer remains in contact with child when entering and exiting the water.
Condition baby for submersion using verbal and physical triggers. Experience water on the head and body.  Comfortable with water on head and body. 
On displayed readiness, with instructor guidance, undertake assisted submersion on trigger words and physical cues.  Carer uses cue words when doing preparation activities such as pouring water over the face. e.g. ‘Child’s name, ready go.’ 
Display comfort when performing assisted front and back floating activities.  Relaxed body position and happy disposition. 
Be gently rocked, turned and towed through water. Maintain baby’s grasp reflex by gripping t-shirts and fingers.  Happy to move through the water with support using a range of positions. Relaxed body position. 
Be encouraged to splash the arms and kick the legs using trigger words.  Carer demonstrates splashing and kicking actions. Comfortable with splashing. Attempts to kick legs (assisted by carer). 


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