Infant Aquatics Stage 2


Skill / Experience

Instructing Points

7 With support reach for carer and enter the water from a seated position. Exit the water with the carer.  Safely sitting on pool edge. Carer in the water supports child under the armpits. Leans forward, reaches for carer’s shoulders to hold onto and enters water
Extend baby’s breath control. Initiate putting water on the face, head and body.  Comfortable with water on face, head and body. Attempts to initiate putting water on their face and or body.
9 On readiness extend assisted submersions Responds to cue words which may include: closing eyes, closing mouth, putting head in water or initiating submersion
10  On readiness front float between adults and/or platforms. Assisted back float with confidence. Carer provides assistance by guiding into the back float position. Head back on carer’s shoulder. Relaxed body position with arms and legs on water surface.
11  With assistance roll from one side to the other– back to front, front to back Carer uses smooth rotation movements ensuring sufficient support. Maintains a relaxed body position during the rotation. Rotate from back to front, front to back. 
12  Carer to support legs and arms to kick and paddle on front and back Can be practised using a range of techniques both in the front and back positions including: lying on flotation mat, sitting/lying on pool edge, in shallow water,lying across carer’s lap.Carer holds legs at the knees and moves them up and down. Carer holds arms at the wrist and paddles the arms through the water. Carer uses encouragement and cues e.g. ‘kick, kick’and ‘paddle, paddle.’


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