Infant Aquatics Stage 3


Skill / Experience

Instructing Points

13  With support enter the water from a seated position towards the carer. Be turned towards the edge to hold. Hand walk along the pool edge with assistance if necessary.  Safely sitting on pool edge.  Leans forward, reaches for carer’s hands to hold onto and enters water. Carer turns child and encourages holding onto pool edge with two hands. Slide hands one at a time to move along the pool edge. Carer assists by demonstrating action and guiding hands along pool edge.
14  Continue breath control activities and water on the face. Encourage independent face submersions. Responds to cue words which may include: closing eyes, closing mouth, putting head in water or initiating submersion.

Experience assisted and unassisted submersions, between adults, to adult, in shallow water.

Carer uses an extended hold and engages eye contact. Using cue words, carer gently submerges child towards themselves (no longer than three seconds). Child responds to cue words. Relaxed body position and happy disposition.

Initiate independent free float activates under supervision.

Continue with assisted back floats.

Carer provides assistance by guiding into the back float position. Head back on carer’s chest looking upwards. Relaxed body position with arms and legs on water surface.
17  Experience body orientation and rotation in a vertical position. Carer uses smooth rotation movements ensuring sufficient support Vertical rotation in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions Maintains a relaxed body position during the rotation.  Encourage use of arms to assist the rotation.
18  Move legs up and down with carer encouragement (kick, kick). Experience reaching for objects and pulling arms through the water. Carer uses encouragement and cue words e.g. ‘kick, kick’. Responds to cues by independently kicking legs up and down.  Kick may be bicycling, bent leg or rudimentary flutter kick action. Carer uses encouragement and cue words e.g. ‘paddle, paddle’. Attempts to use arms to pull through water in order to retrieve objects. 


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