Infant Aquatics Stage 4


Skill / Experience

Instructing Points

19  With support safely step into the water from a standing position towards the carer. Be turned towards the edge to hold. Hand walk along the pool edge and climb out with assistance. Safely stand along the pool edge. Holding carer’s hands, leans forward and steps out with one leg first towards carer. Carer turns child and encourages holding onto pool edge with two hands. Slide hands one at a time to move along the pool edge. Attempts to climb out using arms and legs to lever the body over the pool edge. Carer assists by using their hands to support the body or provide a stirrup support for exiting.
20  Independently submerge the face and hold breath. Responds to cue words. Attempts to put face fully underwater.
21  Experience assisted and unassisted submersions and hold on to pool edge with assistance if necessary. Using cue words, carer gently submerges child towards poolside. Child responds to cue words.Relaxed body position and happy disposition. Holds onto pool edge with two hands with support.
22  With encouragement float on front and back using a flotation aid. Lie down independently in a horizontal position on front or back position. Carer encourages remaining in a horizontal position on mat.
23  With support experience crawling, walking, kicking and climbing on a floating mat. Safely stand on the mat clear of pool edge. 
24  Assisted and unassisted swims using arms and legs through the water. Alternative arm and leg action. Carer to provide support using the side hold or holding under the armpits.


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