Infant Aquatics Stage 5


Skill / Experience

Instructing Points

25  With support, enter the water using a slide in entry and hold onto the pool edge. With minimal assistance attempt to climb out of the pool.

Supported safe and confident slide in entry. Hold side of pool.

Twist the body to face the wall while slowly lowering the body into the water. Feel for water depth with their feet. Hold onto pool edge with two hands Carer provides support by guiding the child slowly into the water.

Climb out using arms and legs to lever the body over the pool edge.

Carer may provide minimal assistance by supporting the body but not lifting them upwards.

26  Once breath control is mastered, blow bubbles with face fully submerged.

Submerge whole face in the water. Open eyes underwater.

Blink eyes to remove water on surfacing.

27  Demonstrate independent submersion with carer encouragement. Respond to cue words. Independently submerge and propel forwards for 1-2 metres. Recover confidently to a stable and secure position.
28  Front and back floating with and without support. Building to a 5 second release. Front float with face in water, blowing bubbles. Back float with eyes looking up, ears below the surface. Legs on water surface, relaxed body position. Recover to a stable and secure upright position with assistance. Duration of 5 seconds achieved.
29  With assistance rotate body from back to front whilst holding a flotation aid. Hold a flotation aid securely for support. Horizontal or vertical rotation of body from back to front.Carer provides assistance by guiding rotation.
30  Display independent propulsion of kick and paddle. Experience manipulation of the propulsive skills. Hold a flotation aid securely for support. Propel themselves forwards using a kicking action. Independently pulls arms and hands through the water. Instructor or carer provides guidance by demonstrating arm action.


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