Infant Aquatics Stage 6


Skill / Experience

Instructing Points

31  With support, safely jump into the water from a standing position towards the carer and return to the wall ready to exit. Exit that water safely unassisted. Safely stand along the pool edge. Holding carer’s hand/s, leans forward and jumps out with both legs. Carer turns child and encourages holding onto pool edge with two hands. Safe and independent exit by climbing out using arms and legs to lever the body over the pool edge.
32  Blow bubbles with the face fully submerged, take a breath and repeat the sequence. Face fully submerged. Blow bubbles. Slowly lift head to breathe with chin on water surface. Repeat the above sequence.
33  With encouragement initiate own submersion and recover securely. Retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool in progressively deeper water. Respond to cue words. Independently submerge and propel forwards for 1-2 metres. Recover confidently to a stable and secure position. Open eyes underwater to locate and retrieve object.
34  Front and back floating with and without support. Building to a 10 second release. Front float with face in water, blowing bubbles. Back float with eyes looking up, ears below the surface. Legs on water surface, relaxed body position. Recover to a stable and secure upright position with assistance. Duration of 10 seconds achieved.
35  With assistance rotate body in a vertical position whilst holding a flotation aid. Hold a flotation aid securely for support. Vertical rotation in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions.Attempts to use legs to aid rotation. Carer provides assistance by guiding rotation.
36  Refine propulsive movements. 

Coordinate arm and leg movement together. Alternate limb actions.

Carer to provide support using the side hold if required. 


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