Heart Beat 45+

CPR manikin on floor 

Half of all drowning deaths recorded in WA are adults aged 45 years and over. In the event of a drowning, CPR performed at the scene could be the difference between life and death. Could you provide lifesaving assistance until emergency help arrives?

Like with any skill, resuscitation can be forgotten if not practised regularly. 

The Heart Beat 45+ community education course is specifically designed for adults who would like to learn more about how to respond in an emergency. This training session covers first aid and CPR including cardiac arrest, sunstroke, choking, hypothermia, shock and bleeding, and bites and stings. 

Please note that Heart Beat 45+ is a community education initiative only, not a qualification course.

Grants are available for WA organisations, clubs, associations or small groups that would benefit from first aid training. These grants cover the cost of the course for all participants.

For more information or to apply for a grant for 2023/24, click the button below to download the expression of interest form.

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"Heart Beat 45+ was excellent; we all agreed the course was very enjoyable. As a group, we all go camping and caravanning regularly so understanding what to do in an emergency, particularly when out in the bush, is very important – especially as we are all getting a little bit older. I personally enjoyed the hands-on aspect of the course such as using a defibrillator, bandaging for large wounds or snake bites, and how to use an EpiPen. Our trainer slipped in personal anecdotes about her own experience which made it all the more relatable."

- Cheryl, Sandgroper Caravanners Inc.