Old4New FAQs

Old4New guidelines

The following guidelines apply to the Phase 2 Old4New Lifejacket upgrade campaign

1. To purchase a new inflatable lifejacket from Royal Life Saving Society WA (RLSSWA), an old, damaged or obsolete lifejacket must be upgraded.

  • Auto-inflating lifejacket (red) and Manual-inflating lifejacket (blue) - $80.00 each


2. A maximum of two lifejackets per person can be upgraded to a new inflatable lifejacket from RLSSWA.


3. There will be a limited number of lifejackets available for purchase from RLSSWA at each metropolitan event.


4. The lifejackets will be sold/given out on a first-come-first-served basis.


5.  Recipients of the lifejacket upgrade must participate in a presentation covering lifejacket information, wear and maintenance.



How much will a lifejacket cost as part of the upgrade program?

A significant discount is available on lifejackets purchased through the upgrade programme. The Ultra lifejacket, is a new generation lifejacket, they are slim fitting, light weight and comfortable. The lifejackets can be purchased for the discounted price of $80. Remember, there are limited lifejackets available for purchase at each metropolitan location.

What sort of lifejacket do I get when I trade in my old one?

The lifejackets available for purchase from Royal Life Saving Society WA are the Ultra lifejacket. These are level 150 (compliant for offshore use), slim fitting, automatic and manual inflating jackets.

Is there a limit on the number of lifejackets I can upgrade?

Yes. You can purchase a maximum of two lifejackets per person when you upgrade two old ones at any of the metropolitan locations.

REMEMBER there is a limited number of lifejackets per event and it will work on a first come, first served basis. We will update our Facebook page live during events to let you know if and when we sell out.

Do I need to trade in an old lifejacket in order to purchase a new lifejacket?

Yes, the aim of the upgrade program is to remove old, damaged and obsolete lifejackets from the boating environment. The good news is, new generation lifejackets are available from many retailers.

How can I pay for my new lifejacket if I am lucky enough to upgrade one at one of your locations?

You can pay using cash or EFTPOS on the day.

Do I need to attend an Old4New event to upgrade my lifejacket?

No. We are offering in-store upgrades at our Mount Claremont Head Office. All you have to do is get in touch with one of our staff members to organise a time and day to upgrade. 

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Lifejacket Maintenance

The Old4New program is helping to promote the importance of wearing a lifejacket when you’re out on the water, especially when in smaller craft. Advice and guidance on lifejacket maintenance and servicing is provided through the program, and skippers are strongly encouraged to service their lifejacket in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. An inflatable lifejacket will only work if it’s kept in good working order.

Better design, technology and wearability in lifejackets have been a major breakthrough in boating safety. Inflatable lifejackets are now becoming more and more popular as they are easy to wear, don’t get in the way and are increasingly affordable. However, you should be aware that this type of lifejacket requires extra care, maintenance and service.

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