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Old4New upgrade event


In-store lifejacket upgrades are available at our Mount Claremont head office.


Due to a current reduction in staff at our head office, please contact our team on 08 9383 8200 or via old4new@royallifesavingwa.com.au to arrange a time to upgrade your lifejackets.


The following conditions apply for all upgrades:

1.  To purchase a new inflatable lifejacket from Royal Life Saving WA an old, damaged or obsolete lifejacket must be upgraded. The Crewsaver Auto-inflating lifejacket (red) or Manual-inflating lifejacket (blue) will be available to purchase for the significantly discounted price of $80.00 each.

2.  A maximum of two lifejackets per person can be upgraded to a new inflatable lifejacket from Royal Life Saving WA.

3.  There will be a limited number of lifejackets available for purchase at each metropolitan event.

4.  Lifejackets will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

5.  Participants in the lifejacket upgrade program must view a short presentation covering lifejacket information, wear and maintenance.


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