Current programs

We have a variety of programs on offer to suit any age group!

These programs range from water activities at inland waterways or pools, to programs run in the classroom. All programs are run by qualified and experienced instructors.

Program locations are flexible, and we can come to you or find a location that best suits your school, sporting our scouting group.


Program Options

River Ready: (3-5 hours)

Is your group located on or nearby a dam, river or lake? This short program will help teach your group lifesaving skills to keep them safe when canoeing, swimming or enjoying inland waterways. Learn survival swimming, CPR, First Aid and aquatic rescues in a half day of fun, challenges and activities.

Water Safety Talk: (1-2 hours)

Water Safety can be a taught away from water! These talks are an engaging and interactive way to learn water safety, rescues, first aid and hazard identification in the classroom. The perfect choice for winter months.

Bronze Medallion: (14 hours)

Is your group up for a challenge? Completing the Bronze Medallion award in an inland waterway is a hands-on and fun way to become a lifesaver. Participants receive the RLSSWA Bronze Medallion qualification, medallion and badge.

Pool program: (1-2 hours)

Inland waterway safety can be taught in the pool.


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Get your Bronze

Four young persons at the swimming pool with lifesaving equipment

Bronze Medallion courses are regularly conducted throughout the year. Find a course near you.

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 drawning of a first aid kit box

First Aid Training

Enrol in one of our first aid courses today!

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