Our objectives

We're here to help you enjoy our beautiful lakes and rivers safely! Look out for our:

  • Water safety and education programs: we're hoping to equip as many people as possible with the skills they need to stay safe in inland waterways at all times.
  • Rescue equipment provision: knowing how to act in an emergency is just one component of saving lives; we're also working with sporting and scouting groups across the the Swan to provide them with rescue equipment. 
  • Research 
  • Boating safety initiatives

Where will you find us?

We are primarily working across the Swan River, specifically targeting Bayswater, Belmont, Canning, Fremantle, Nedlands and South Perth. However, keep an eye out for our programs in the South-West and at other inland waterway locations across WA.

You might have seen one of our programs in action at Ascot Kayak Club, ANA Rowing Club, UWA, Fun-cats Watersports or at a Scouts WA location.