Special Needs Participation

Sport and recreation make an important contribution to the health and wellbeing of all people, particularly those with disabilities. However, due to physical and attitudinal barriers, people with disabilities often face challenges when trying to make these activities a part of their everyday life.

The Royal Life Saving Society WA is committed to providing innovative and targeted programs to support these individuals and families, by breaking down the barriers to their participation, with the aim of providing all West Australians with an opportunity to learn essential Swim and Survive skills.  

Royal Life Saving Society WA, in partnership with Swim My Way and Uncle Toby's, are running the Specialised Access and Inclusion Lessons (SAIL) at Kwinana Requatic for Term 3 and Term 4, 2019, targeting 80 children who may not have easy access to swimming and water safety lessons. For more information, click here.

Royal Life Saving Society WA has recently partnered with the Autism Association of Western Australia to fund children with Autism in learning Swim and Survive. Thanks to the WA Swim and Survive Fund, these children are now able to participate in learning vital swim and survive skills. 

If you require financial support to fund a child with special needs, please visit the WA Swim and Survive Fund page by clicking here.

Or for more information about special needs participation, please contact Achol Madong on (08) 9383 8200, or complete the form below. 

Tile Izzy and Peta

A Lot More Than Just a Swimming Lesson...

A thank you letter to a wonderful Swim and Survive teacher, working hard to enable participation for all swim students.

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