Meet Adam and Comet

Comet the autism assistance dog with Adam by the pool at Swan Active BeechboroRoyal Life Saving WA loves to see children successfully develop their swimming and water safety skills, especially when they overcome challenges to do so! Adam Kassam Santana is one of these inspiring children.

As a little boy on the autism spectrum Adam would often run off at any chance and get overwhelmed by the busy environment of the swimming pool. He also has no real sense of danger so although he loves the water it was not a safe place for him to spend his time.

Earlier this year Adam began his Swim and Survive journey, taking part in a series of 10 swimming lessons a Swan Active Beechboro thanks to funding from the Royal Life Saving WA Swim and Survive Fund.

The Swim and Survive Fund is designed to assist children and adults who are at risk of not learning vital swimming skills due to social or economic disadvantage, disabilities, cultural background or remoteness of their location.

Adam’s mum Maria says the swimming lessons her son was able to take as part of this program have made a real difference. “I’m very grateful for the chance we got to do the 10 swimming lessons through the funding Royal Life Saving provided. Adam finds being in the water relaxing and learning to swim means I can take him to the beach or the pool and have peace of mind knowing he is not in danger.”

Adam has also recently become the proud owner of an autism assistance dog, Comet. His swim instructors at Swan Active Beechboro say that since Comet has been coming to lessons with Adam they’ve seen a special bond develop between them. With Comet around Adam no longer gets out of the pool mid-lesson, and after his lesson is finished and Adam’s mum says it’s time to go home to feed Comet dinner he’s is straight out of the water and ready to go!

Royal Life Saving Society WA is so happy to see how far Adam has come and we look forward to hearing where Adam - and Comet’s – Swim and Survive journey takes them!

If you'd like to support our WA Swim and Survive Fund and help us to make water safety education a reality for more children please click the link below.

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