Endorsed Swim Schools


Royal Life Saving is proud to endorse a number of Swim Schools that have committed to providing the absolute best in aquatic education through the use of qualified instructors, small class sizes, safe aquatic environments and the use of the Royal Life Saving Swim and Survive, Infant Aquatics & Bronze Rescue swimming & water safety programs.

The Endorsed Swim School network was established by working in close contact with local government, community and private sector groups to develop a collaborative approach to the delivery of swimming & water safety education.


By maintaining the standards of endorsement an Endorsed Swim School provides the customer with recognised best practice for Swim School operations. An Endorsed Swim School and its association with the Royal Life Saving brand signifies trust, quality and a long-term commitment to aquatic education. Basically, if you are attending a Royal Life Saving Endorsed Swim School you are learning from the best!

For more information on the Endorsed Swim School partnership and how your Swim School can get involved contact the Royal Life Saving Swim & Survive team.

Endorsed Swim School Directory

Royal Life Saving has provided a directory of Endorsed Swim Schools located throughout the state. Each Endorsed Swim School has been branded with logos identifying each Royal Life Saving aquatic education program they offer.

There are over 130 Endorsed Swim Schools throughout the state ranging from large aquatic facilities to small backyard operations. 

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