Stage 3 Preliminary

13. Freestyle - Swim 10m. Breathing.

Must See Criteria:

Near horizontal body position; Regular leg action; Regular breathing pattern.

14. Glide backward and kick 5m. Waist deep (minimum).

Must See Criteria:

Near horizontal body position; Flutter kick without excessive knee bend. 

15. Breaststroke leg action - Swim 5m. On back (with board).

Must See Criteria:

Circular movement of feet; Visible attempt to turn toes.

16. Demonstrate survival sculling. On back.

Sculling hand action; Flat, relaxed hands; Effective support.

17. Demonstrate forward roll. Basic.

Must See Criteria:

Desirable to see: Roll in one plane; Recovery to a standing position.

18. Water Safety Sequence

Must See Criteria:

Glide and swim 10m, recover to upright position. Support body in an upright position and signal distress.


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Stage 3 Preliminary Certificate

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