Stage 9 Senior

46. Butterfly - Swim 10m.

Must See Criteria:

Dolphin kick; Paired arm action.

47. Demonstrate tumble turn. Basic.

Must See Criteria:

Desirable to see: Attempted tumble turn.

48. Swim 300m. Correct technique.

Freestyle - 50m, Backstroke - 50m, Freestyle - 50m, Survival Backstroke - 50, Breaststroke - 50m, Sidestroke - 50m. Continuous swim with no rest; Confidence in completing 300m

49. Basic principles of resuscitation.

Must See Criteria:

Danger, Response, Send for help, Airways, Breathing, Compression, Defibrillation. 

50. Water Safety Sequence

Must See Criteria:

Non-contact rescues; Defensive position and reverse; Delivery of flotation aid in deep water.


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Stage 9 Senior Certificate

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