Engagement with Talent Pool

Cameron Eglington with Aboriginal youth at Kununurra Leisure Centre


Talent Pool is able to make a positive contribution to the bottom line of local government and business by positively engaging the local Aboriginal community to identify high-calibre candidates wanting employment.

At the same time, Talent Pool generates a raft of social dividends by ensuring Aboriginal young people are participating in the economy, essential social services are maintained and kept open (pools), and educational outcomes are enhanced for Aboriginal young people by ensuring they complete accredited training.

In addition, the Talent Pool program does the following:

  • Provides access to activities that foster a young person’s aspirations no matter what they are 
  • Encourages participation in activities that benefit a young person’s physical and mental well-being
  • Drives Department of Education involvement in the program to help increase school attendance
  • Establishes mechanisms and partnerships that actively engage, divert and support Aboriginal youth away from justice systems

Strategies for Engagement

Talent Pool champions the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) methodology of community development reinforcing the positive value of a local swimming pool as a vital asset of social infrastructure which brings community together. 

Talent Pool seeks to leverage the range of activities available from this facility to encourage increasing levels of participation. 

Activities include:

  • Pool rescue activities – junior lifeguard
  • Swim fitness training
  • Youth leadership activities
  • Pool Lifeguard challenges
  • Participation in iconic events – e.g. Lake Argyle Open Water swim
  • Training in unique areas – e.g. courses delivered at Lake Argyle




young aboriginal men learning spinal rescue training


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three pool lifeguards from a remote aboriginal community


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