three aboriginal girls swimming away from camera in swimming pool

Go on, dive in with us!

The successes that Royal Life Saving WA and its partners have achieved to date are significant:

  • 45 Talent Pool Bronze Medallion & First Aid Graduates
  • 15 Talent Pool Lifeguard Graduates.
  • Placement of 8 Graduates into ongoing employment
  • Talent Pool program delivery across three sites.
  • Talent Pool Graduate participation in the iconic Lake Argyle Open Water Swim – achieving First Place in their division.

The next chapter in the delivery of Talent Pool is anticipated to achieve much more, however we need your valuable support to realise our program objectives.

Your involvement in Talent Pool will help towards:

  • An increase in personal and developmental activities for Aboriginal youth
  • Growth and enhancement of the Talent Pool Swim Kit – driving continual improvement of the program and participant experience
  • Development of the local swimming pool as a safe and engaging space for Aboriginal youth
  • Aspirational experiences for Talent Pool graduates, e.g. the Lake Argyle Swim
  • Establishment of an Alliance of Talent Pool supporters committed to driving participation and youth employment

Talent Pool funding and participant referral is crucial to providing first time employment opportunities to the next wave of Aboriginal youth.

'Dive in' with Royal Life Saving WA to generate a healthier, engaged, employment ready Aboriginal workforce!