A career in the sport and recreation industry can be exciting, and a traineeship is great way to get started in the industry by learning and training on the job while also getting paid!

If ever there was a diverse, challenging and rewarding industry, sport and recreation would be near the top of the list. There are many opportunities to work in a diverse range of environments and with a number of different people.

The sector offers a range of pathways and careers that impact positively on people's lives by contributing to their health and wellbeing, in addition to building stronger, happier, healthier and safer communities. Employment is often part time, casual or seasonal and isn't your typical nine-to-five office job.

A traineeship is a contractual agreement between a trainee, their school (for school-based traineeships), an employer, an RTO, and the Apprenticeship Office.

Visit this page for information on the process of commencing a traineeship.

Traineeships with Royal Life Saving WA

Royal Life Saving WA is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that works with employers and schools to deliver and assess traineeship qualifications in a range of sport and recreation environments.

Royal Life Saving WA currently offers traineeships for the below courses (click to download/view course outlines and additional information):

SIS20115 Certificate II Sport and Recreation 

SIS30115 Certificate III Sport and Recreation 

SIS31015 Certificate III Aquatics and Community Recreation

Fee structure for government subsidised courses (see pg 2)

RTO responsibilities

RTO policies & procedures


Types of Traineeships

New Entrant or Existing Worker Traineeships: Suitable for school leavers, those re-entering the workforce or mature-aged adults wishing to change careers. Available on a part-time or full-time basis, usually between 15 to 38 hours per week.

School-based Traineeships: Enables students to find their potential as they make decisions about their future, their studies and career paths by commencing in a workplace while still at school. Undertaken on a part-time basis (generally one day per week) where the student is released from school to participate in the workplace.

Interested in a Traineeship?

If a career in sport and recreation sounds good to you, why not get started with a traineeship. Contact us today to enquire or find out more about how it works.

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