The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) is responsible for managing risks associated with VET providers across Australia. One of the focus areas in their regulatory strategy 2016-2017 targets the capability of trainers and assessors. 

One of the critical concerns relates particularly to the fact that "the capability of the VET workforce directly affects the quality of qualifications delivered and assessed across the VET sector.” (ASQA Regulatory Strategy 2016-2017 V1 April 2016)

If you are a trainer/assessor delivering VET in Schools programs this may apply to you. Are you up to date with VET professional development? Do you have an understanding of the following areas and how they can influence the outcomes of assessment?

  • Assessing competency 
  • Consistency in assessment
  • Principles of assessment
  • Rules of Evidence
  • Understanding a unit of competency
  • Using observations and demonstrations to gather evidence
  • Third party evidence
  • Validation of assessment

By using the VET Practitioner Capability Framework VET Coordinators can determine the professional development requirements of their staff.

The Framework describes the broad capabilities required for a range of job roles in the VET sector. It also provides a common language for the knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes that practitioners will display if they are performing well in their roles. 

You can access the full VET Practitioner Capability Framework at the link below.

The ASQA Regulatory Strategy 2016-2017 V1 April 2016 is available at the following link.