Become a Pool Lifeguard or Aquatic Technical Operator Trainer

aquatic instructor demonstrating in poolDo you know just about everything there is to know about Pool Lifeguarding? Do you ever find yourself giving advice to the younger crew on pool deck?

If teaching and mentoring are in your nature, then becoming a Pool Lifeguard Trainer or Aquatic Technical Operator Trainer could be a great opportunity for you! You’ll have the ability to train up the next generation of lifeguards and operations managers.

What do I need to become a trainer?

  • At least 2 years’ experience as a pool lifeguard
  • Manager/supervisor at an aquatic facility ( for Aquatic Technical Operators)
  • LIWA Aquatics accreditation (preferred)
  • Currently working in the industry
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40116) or at least be currently working towards one

I meet the criteria. What else is involved?

While there is no formal training to become a Pool Lifeguard or Aquatic Technical Operator Trainer, there is a training process that you’ll need to complete with Royal Life Saving WA.

The first step will be to observe Pool Lifeguard or Pool Operations courses to see how they are taught and to learn from existing trainers.

You will then progress to co-presenting the training courses before finally becoming a full presenter of the course. The Royal Life Saving team and trainers will provide tips and guidance along the way.

Is there a cost associated with becoming a trainer?

There is no fee associated with becoming a Pool Lifeguard or Aquatic Technical Operator Trainer.

I’m interested in becoming a trainer. What do I do?

Great! We’d love to have you on board as a trainer.

Simply complete the form below and one of the Royal Life Saving team will get in touch with you.