CPR Courses Perth

At Royal Life Saving WA we believe that "Everyone Can Be A Lifesaver". By completing one of our CPR courses, you could save someone's life!

To find a CPR course that is suitable for you, please select your preferred training option from the list below.

CPR Course

Our main 3-hour CPR course provides you with the skills and knowledge to perform basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on infants, children and adults in line with the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) Guidelines. This course applies to all individuals who may be required to provide CPR in a range of situations including community and workplace settings. CPR courses are delivered in the Perth area and many other convenient locations around Western Australia.

We recommend this CPR course if you have never previously completed a CPR course, are unsure about CPR or need to update your qualification. It is recommended that your CPR skills are updated every 12 months.

Successful completion of this CPR course will result in the attainment of: HLTAID009 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

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Heart Beat Club

The Heart Beat Club course is a community education initiative of Royal Life Saving WA that aims to increase your skills and confidence in providing CPR and first aid to infants and children. Royal Life Saving recommends that everyone should have the skills to resuscitate someone.

This training session covers first aid for common child injuries including burns and scalds, choking, and drowning and also provides information on how to perform infant and child CPR. The Heart Beat Club is an integral part of the KEEP WATCH Toddler Drowning Prevention program.

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Advanced Resuscitation

This Advanced CPR course is designed to equip the participant with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide an advanced level of resuscitation combined with the introduction of oxygen to support a casualty until medical assistance arrives. The training will provide you with the skills to use Oxy-Viva equipment, and includes the safe handling of oxygen.

Successful completion of this training course will result in the attainment of: HLTAID009 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation and HLTAID015 Provide advanced resuscitation and oxygen therapy.

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CPR Courses Perth and practicing CPR on a manikin

Why you should update your CPR skills.

image of two hands performing cpr

Research shows a person's skills in CPR decrease by 50% after just two months if they haven't practised the skill. Update your CPR certificate now!

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Three school students practicing CPR on a resuscitation manikin

Learn CPR and first aid in your classroom

We have a variety of training programs for the classroom and the swimming pool. First aid and CPR are skills that all students can learn.

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