Pool Operations Ongoing Learning (POOL)

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Professional Development Courses for Pool Operators

As a duty manager or technical operator of an aquatic facility, it's vital that you keep your skills and qualifications up to date.

Our Pool Operations Ongoing Learning (POOL) Courses enable you to refresh or update your skills in the following areas:

Fire Extinguisher Refresher

Chemical fires are always a risk at a facility that stores and handles chemicals, and the skills to successfully operate fire extinguishing equipment need to be maintained. it’s not often that you’ll need to operate a fire extinguisher as part of your regular pool management duties, and it’s easy to lose these skills over time.

Refresh your knowledge and confidence in handling and using various fire-fighting equipment with this 2-hour course.

Customised to the aquatic recreation industry, the course covers the use of a portable fire extinguisher, fire hose reel and a fire blanket, as well as providing participants with the skills and knowledge to effectively fulfil their duties during a fire emergency in the workplace.

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Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Refresher

This course is recommended for lifeguards or pool managers who are required to wear breathing apparatus in the workplace – in confined spaces, around hazardous gases, in oxygen-deficient atmospheres or other situations requiring an SCBA.

Refresh your knowledge and skills in how to check, fit, operate and maintain SCBA equipment with a hands-on, practical training session.

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Confined Spaces Awareness

If you're required to enter confined spaces to carry out specific duties of your role in aquatic facility management, it's important to have the skills and knowledge to do so safely.

This course will cover identification of confined space hazards, safety plans and procedures, risk assessments and how to safely carry out work in a confined space.

Courses are run on a needs basis, so contact our Training department if you or your team are interested in attending a session.

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A lifeguard and a young child near a swimming pool

Pool Lifeguard Requalification

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Provide First Aid Requalification

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First Aiders practicing CPR in the HLTAID006 course

Advanced First Aid

Level up your first aid skills! Gain new knowledge and skills to handle a wide variety of emergency situations.

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