Youth Water Safety

The Youth Water Safety Program, formerly known as Don't Drink and Drown, aims to educate young people aged 15-24 years about the dangers associated with different waterways.

When a young life is cut short due to drowning the impact of that death is felt throughout the community, with their friends and family living with the aftermath every day. Drowning as a result of excessive alcohol consumption is preventable and it is the role of both the person themselves and their friends to reduce the risk.

Youth Water Safety Key Messages:

Spot Before You Swim

  • You wouldn't go to the beach without your bathers so don't go swimming without spotting the hazards.
  • It takes 30 seconds to scan the water and ensure it is safe to swim.
  • Look before you leap and always make the right call for you and your mates.

Don't Know? Don't Dive

  • Know your limits and abilities.
  • If the water looks dodgy, don't dive in.
  • Too deep? Too rough? Don't know? Don't dive.

Don't Swig & Swim

  • Alcohol and water don't mix.
  • Everyone loves a coldie, but the risk of drowning increases with every sip so it's best to avoid alcohol around the water.

Float with Friends

  • It's always more fun to swim with your mates.
  • You can look out for each other and if things go pear-shaped someone is there to ask, "are you right?"

OMG's= 000& CPR

  • If something goes wrong call 000 and CPR.
  • Give your mates a fair go and learn how to save a life.
  • In an emergency, acting quickly could be the difference between a good time and a bad one.

The Youth Water Safety Program is proudly provided by Royal Life Saving WA and is funded by the Department of Health Western Australia.


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