Erin French

Erin French is a lifeguard working at the Paltridge Memorial Swimming Pool in Exmouth WA. She shares with us the benefits and challenges of her interesting and varied role.

Erin French wearing a red jumper and blue bumbag, standing by the pool at Exmouth

What are some highlights of being a regional Pool Lifeguard?

Working as a regional Lifeguard has not only given me lifesaving and first aid skills, it has given me greater understanding of community engagement, customer service and conflict resolution. The highlight of the job for me would be the relationships I have built with the community. Also, providing a safe and fun environment for families is really rewarding.

Why did you decide to take on Lifeguarding as a job?

Initially I was a swimming teacher at the Exmouth Pool which was a great job, but I wanted to take my profession further within the aquatic industry and upskill. I am hoping next pool season to start up a Junior Lifesaving Club to teach the kids of Exmouth these valuable skills.

Are there any specific challenges Lifeguarding in regional WA?

One of the main challenges of working in regional areas can be a lack of staff. Generally, there is only one Lifeguard on shift at a time, so responding to emergency situations could be more challenging than being in a big centre with multiple Lifeguards. But here at Exmouth we often do Personal Development sessions and training specifically catered to our situation, so everyone feels more confident.

Why would you recommend Lifeguarding as a job for other young people in regional WA?

Lifeguarding is a really rewarding but also challenging job - no day is ever the same. The hours are flexible - particularly for Junior Lifeguards who are still at school. It gives you a great set of skills including lifesaving, customer service and interpersonal skills. As a Lifeguard you develop relationships with people from all walks of life in the community. It’s great seeing your regular swimmers everyday keeping active and healthy.

Can you share with us some of the best memories of your Lifeguarding life?

It’s always great getting youth groups having Aquarun fun days in the school holidays. It’s great seeing kids coming together having a good time and being active. On a side note, I am now training to become a Duty Pool Manager! I will be doing my Pool Operations course and helping run Exmouth pool as of next season. The aquatic industry is a great one to be in and there are many career pathways you can take.

We wish Erin all the best as she completes her Pool Operations course and works towards becoming a Duty Pool Manager!


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