Fowl Mouth

We're having a bit of fun with our fundraising! 

We all let the F-bomb slip sometimes, so we've created the "Don't Be a Fowl Mouth" fine system. 

It's a great way to add a bit of fun to your day whilst helping us prevent drowning in the WA community!

We will send you the instructions, a duck money box and a display stand for you to place in your office. We have come up with the fine levels as a guide, but feel free to make your own!

When the duck is full of fines, simply take the coins to your nearest NAB or Commonwealth and bank directly into our account. 

Contact us to request a fowl mouth fundraising pack today!

Participate in some FUN-draising!

Share the 'Don't Be a Fowl Mouth' fine system with your office and raise money to prevent drowning in WA