Money Spinner

Money Spinners are an all-year-round fundraising initiative, whereby generous members of the community can make small donation in a fun way.

These Money Spinners are always popular with children, who love to watch the money spin its ways into the collection box. It even gives them the opportunity to race their friend, sibling or parent by entering money at the same time on each side and see whose coin drops first!

Our program managers are in the field approaching businesses everywhere to locate a Money Spinner at their business, and we'd love to have your business take part too.

If you are kind enough to allow one of our Money Spinners to be placed in your business, we will regularly visit to check on it, empty it and bank the kind donations. If you notice it getting full you can also simply contact our contact centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and let our team know to come around and empty it within the next few days.

Complete the contact form at the link below to host a Money Spinner at your business or workplace.

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image of a Royal Life Saving money spinner

Give Quackers a Home!

Place at your workplace or business to collect spare change

Man holding green first aid cross and the words, we're breathing new life into first aid training

Where would you like to learn first aid?

At your workplace - Call 9383 8200 and talk to our training professionals about our flexible workplace first aid courses. We can customise courses to your business needs and for groups of 8 or more people.

At our training centres - We have a training centre near you.

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