Stick a Duck

Stick-a-Duck Fundraising is a fun way for retailers to engage with and help the WA community!

How does it work? 

  • Retailers receive a small display stand with barcoded $2 Stick-a-Duck stickers to place on their counter. These are scanned and added to the customer’s total bill. 
  • Retailers also receive a duck pond poster that can be displayed on a notice board or window behind the checkout area - this is for customer’s to fill the pond with their Stick-a-Duck stickers. 
  • Customers can write their name on their duck, remove the official tax receipt on the back, and stick their duck on the pond poster.

It's easy, cashless, instant and risk free. There is no counting or collecting involved, and can simply be reconciled each quarter. 

Businesses that place Stick-a-Duck in their store automatically become a Bronze Member of Royal Life Saving and qualify for discounted training courses and products.

All proceeds go towards drowning prevention, support services and help grants in the WA community.

Place Stick-a-Duck in your store!

Contact us for any inquiries or to request a placement