Guest Safety

How can we help you to ensure the safety of your guests?

Royal Life Saving Society WA has the expertise to advise accommodation facility managers on the best ways to ensure their swimming pools are safe for patrons and staff. There are a number of general changes that can be put in place including;

  • Put strategies in place to help guests safely use your pool facilities - Royal Life Saving Society WA is highly experienced at creating effective education and awareness programs. 
  • Conduct a safety audit of your pool to ensure the facility is as safe as possible - Royal Life Saving Society WA can identify risks and develop practical solutions.
  • Build the capacity of your team - Royal Life Saving Society WA can develop customised training and workforce solutions so that your team can be champions of safety and, if needed, effectively respond in an emergency.

A swimming pool with chairs

Become a qualified Pool Operator

Gain the skills and knowledge to operate swimming pool plant and equipment associated with Group 2, 3 or 4 swimming pool. These pools are usually Hotels, Motels, Caravan sites, Mine sites, Schools, Hospitals, Learn to Swim Pools, and more

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A man holding a resuscitation manikin

First Aid Training - $109

Practical accredited first aid training that is flexible, enjoyable and engaging.

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