Change to Pool Lifeguard Award

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Pool Lifeguard and Oxygen Resuscitation merge to form one award

What was the Oxygen Resuscitation award?

The Oxygen Resuscitation Award that's been issued by Royal Life Saving Society WA was issued to participants who've completed a Pool Lifeguard Course or Requalification, and has successfully completed the component of performing Oxygen Supplemented CPR.

What is the reason for the change?

Employers and participants often asked what the Oxygen Resuscitation Award is, and whether they need to requalify this each year separately to the Pool Lifeguard Requalification course. This award is embedded into the Pool Lifeguard course and to be deemed competent in Pool Lifeguard you would need to successfully complete the oxygen resuscitation component.

The components of Oxygen Resuscitation training are NOT being removed from the PLG course or Requalification, but will no longer be issued as two separate awards. Merging the two awards into one will create less confusion and streamline award processing.

Is the Oxygen Resuscitation award issued as part of any other course?

No, the Oxygen Resuscitation award is not issued in any other course that is run by Royal Life Saving Society WA.

What are the differences between the CPR award, the Oxygen Resuscitation award and the Advanced Resuscitation award?

  CPR Award  Oxygen Resus Award  Advanced Resus Award 
Outcome  Perform CPR - Mouth to mouth and using a pocket mask on adult, child and infant.  Perform oxygen supplemented resuscitation on adult, child and infant.  Perform oxygen supplemented resuscitation using various masks, including bag-valve mask on adult, child and infant, and the use of suction equipment. 
Course  Completed in CPR or Provide First Aid courses  Completed in Pool Lifeguard courses  Completed in Advanced First Aid and Advanced Resuscitation courses 
Equipment Used  Pocket Mask  Pocket Mask, Therapy Mask, Oxy-Sox  Pocket Mask, Therapy Mask, Bag-Valve Mask, High Concentration Mask, Airways Suction, Oxy_Sox, Oxy-Viva 
Units of Competence  Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation HLTAID001  Administer oxygen in an emergency situation PUAEME003C (new courses only)  Provide Advanced Resuscitation HLTAID007 

My employer requires me to have Oxygen Resuscitation as part of my qualifications.

As there are no changes to the training components of the course you are still being assessed in the skills and knowledge of the use of oxygen equipment during CPR. This should still meet the requirements of most employers, all that changes is you will now receive the one award - the Pool Lifeguard Award - and not the 2 separate awards.

When will the changes occur?

The issuing of just a Pool Lifeguard Award will start from 1st July 2017.

I still have further questions.

If you need further clarification, we are happy to discuss this with you. Please contact us at Royal Life Saving Society WA on (08) 9383 8200 or complete the form at the link below.

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